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Tender Davits

Why choose a Twin Davit?

  • Very portable: weight from 8kg

  • Strong - lifting up to 500kgs

  • Rotates through 360 degrees

  • Available as slider or raked

  • Quick and simple to erect and use

  • Only visible when in use

  • Multiple watertight deck sockets

  • Easily Stowed

  • CE Approved & ISO9001

  • METS-DAME award winner

Davit Applications

  • Tender davit

  • Jet ski davit

  • Inflatable boat davit

  • Rescue davit

Atlas Davit Video

Davits for Inflatable Boats
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Atlas carbon specialists carbon fibre twin davits

atlas carbon davits carbon twin davits have been designed to make light work of a variety of lifting tasks up to 500kg/ 1100lbs whilst maintaining an exceptionally low overall weight.


Atlas twin davit cranes are suitable for lifting heavy tender, jet skis, inflatable boats or for use as rescue davits.

Customisations can easily be arranged. 

Twin Slider Davits
Rescue Davits Twin Slider Davits
Lifts heavy tender
12 or 24 volt drive motors
Electric Winch: 30 kg

Twin Davit Crane
twin davit arms Twin Raked Davits
Lifts heavy tender
12 or 24 volt drive motors
Electric Winch: 25kg  

Technical Specifications

Atlas Twin Davit Systems (slider and raked) 

Socket depth in deck 512mm / 20in
Socket internal diameter GRP 149mm / 6in - shaped oval

Advanced Pre-preg carbon fibre

Please telephone to discuss your lifting requirements: 01590 646780

iso 900 registered firm dame design awards british marine federation

specialists in carbon fibre
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