Atlas baby davit crane
Atlas baby davit cranes

atlas baby davits

With the same elegant lines and lightweight characteristics as our standard cranes, the baby davit is the answer for smaller craft and docksides and can also be used in non-marine settings. The baby davit is perfect for lifting slides, jet tenders, seabobs, and other smaller superyacht toys.

The atlas baby davit can be supplied with a reach between 900mm and 1800mm, weighing from just 18kg and lifting 125kg as standard. Baby davits come with a manual 3:1 winch and in a spectrum of colours or carbon finish. They can also be upgraded to have a safe working load (SWL) of 250kg.

Multiple sockets in stainless, GRP or aluminium can be ordered allowing for a single crane to be used in a number of different locations. All sockets come with watertight caps.

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  • Socket depth in deck – 310mm
  • Bearings – plain polyester
  • Construction – advanced pre-reg carbon fibre
  • Upgradable to two-piece construction for easy stowing
  • Supplied as standard with a manual winch - upgradable to electric
Atlas Baby Davit 900

atlas baby 900

Weighing from 11kg *
2-piece option available
Winch: 20STA Harken

Atlas Baby Davit 1200

atlas baby 1200

Weighing from 12kg *
2-piece option available
Winch: 20STA Harken

Atlas baby davit 1500

atlas baby 1500

Weighing from 13kg *
2-piece option available
Winch: 20STA Harken

atlas baby davit 1800

atlas baby 1800

Weighing from 18kg *
2-piece option available
Winch: 20STA Harken

* Weights are approximate